The Woods Come Alive As A Hunter Calls for Coyotes In This Bone-Chilling Video. You won’t believe the chilling response that Jason Groseclose receives after his second call! 

Sarah Burress, tarpon wrestler. 

Video: ProStaffer Trey Larson


French Canadian hunter Real “The Rackman” Langlois shoots a monster moose at point blank. How close would you let a bull like this get to you before letting it fly?

CLOSE CALL: You won’t believe how close this charging boar comes to turning this unsuspecting hunter into the hunted! 

Video courtesy: LiveLeak

Look! It’s A Hog…Surfing…With a GoPro On Its Head. Unbelievable.

"Fish’s-Eye View" Photo: Khoa Le

  1. Camera: iPhone 5
  2. Aperture: f/2.8


Port Louisa National Wildlife Refuge in Iowa was established for the protection of migratory birds. It is located along the Mississippi River Flyway, one of the major routes for migrating waterfowl. Key goals of the refuge are to conserve and enhance the quality and diversity of fish and wildlife and their habitats; and to restore floodplain functions in the river corridor. 

Photo: Jessica Bolser, USFWS

"Good morning," from Florida.

"By Land, Sea and Air." - Our 2014 sizzle reel showcasing some of our wonderful adventures from the year.


Moose crossing Campbell Creek in Alaska.

Photo: @mypubliclands Doug Ballou